Great Sex Over 40? Yes, It’s Possible!


I’m a mother and a wife, and I just recently celebrated my 40th birthday. But unlike previous birthdays, I was excited to celebrate this one.

To understand why, you have to know my story. The previous 5 years had been extremely difficult on me and my husband, especially financially. We had always had an okay sex life before all of that, but once the stress over our finances hit, our love life was out the window. My girlfriends, who had gone through similar experiences, were giving out all sorts of terrible advice that didn’t feel like it would work for me. Then I found the solution that blew me away (in more ways than one): FemElle + V Cream.

The Two-Part System that Saved My Sex Life

Being a successful wife and mother is hard enough on its own. Having children and taking care of my family usually left me drained at the end of the day, which was also the only time of day my husband and I could share any intimate, private time with ourselves. I found myself “faking it” more often than not just to keep him happy. I put everyone and everything else first, and neglected my own needs. It wasn’t long before I became bitter and resentful about the entire situation, and found myself desperate to find a solution.

So I did a little research. I found out that at my age, my body might not be producing the natural hormones that it used to when I was young and frisky with my husband. On top of all that, there might have been a decrease in blood flow “down there” that was keeping me from feeling the pleasurable stimulation required in order to achieve climax.

But FemElle and V Cream are scientifically formulated to change all that. The FemElle capsules contain natural herbal extracts which regulate my natural hormones and have me feeling like a 25 year old all over again. And when my husband and I are ready for our intimate moments, all I have to do is apply V Cream topically to my clitoral area and get ready for a good time. I used to think that I’d had the best sex of my life in my 20’s, and that it would be all downhill from there – but these two products have really opened my eyes.

Happy Birthday to Me

So, as I was saying earlier, my husband and I celebrated my 40th in style at a romantic getaway upstate for the weekend. We dropped the kids off at my parents’ house and traveled light – but I made sure to bring some V Cream and FemElle with me in my small suitcase. We barely left the room for the next two days.

These female sexual enhancement products have breathed new life into my marriage. If they can work for me, they can work for anyone. To learn more about female sexual enhancement and how important it is, click here.