4 Reasons for 4 Inches


Don’t worry men, surveys and studies have shown that most women care more about who you are and what you do than what equipment you’re packing.

That said, there are definite advantages to those with a little extra below the waist. Here are the top four:

More Positions

If you haven’t “read” the Kama Sutra, you may not realize that sex has more positions than most porn will ever demonstrate. From behind, in front, lying down, standing up, sitting, squatting, and even hanging, the different ways to engage in coitus are virtually limitless.

Some of these positions have been used for centuries to maximize pleasure for both men and women, stimulating different parts of the vagina and shaft. Others allow more interaction or secondary stimulation, or greater intimacy! The longer a man is, the more options he has, and nothing keeps sex fresh and interesting like new positions.

Deeper Penetration

Female erogenous zones extend beyond the opening of the vagina, and the longer a guy’s shaft is, the more stimulation his can provide from more positions. Sometimes there’s an exact spot from an exact angle that’s will drive a woman wild, and but the guy is an inch or two shy of being able to reach it.

On top of that, the sensation of “fullness” that women crave is better satisfied with a longer member, letting you maximize their pleasure and leave them wanting more.

Visual Arousal

Just like men find the female form attractive, so do women find men: muscular arms, slim waist, and muscular chests can make women swoon: but a virile, large erection can too, as long as it’s from someone they like. Part of it is the imagination of how it will feel, but it’s also psychological: the sight of a long, full shaft is a signal that the guy finds you attractive, and nothing makes women feel sexier than that.

More Pleasure

The pleasure men get from penile stimulation comes from the enormous amount of nerves and pleasure receptors concentrated there. Most are in the glans (or head) of the penis, but the shaft has its fair share, and every inch a guy has is another inch that sends them erotic pleasure.

The average penis size is about 5 inches long, and if you think sex feels good with that, imagine having half the pleasure added on top of it for those with 8-9 inch erections!

Those are just some of the reasons larger penis size can spice up your sex life and result in better sex for you and your partner. Some guys use pumps or expensive surgery to try and increase their size, but there are a few pills that advertise natural male enhancement. The most popular and famous one is Xanogen, which promises four inches in four weeks. If that sounds like a deal to you, click here to learn more!