5 Great Reasons to Go Vegan


Veganism is the practice of avoiding anything that involves use of animal ingredients or is contributed to by animal exploitation. This includes all areas of their lives for some, while for others; veganism is only applicable to their diet. Vegan food excludes dairy, eggs, meat of any animal, honey, and animal-derived food additives. For ethical and health purposes, people of all cultures find themselves eating vegan and discovering that the benefits are endless. Here are some of the top reasons to change your diet to one that does not include animal products:

For the Animals

Vegans believe that it is wrong to eat or use the product of killing an animal for any reason, which makes sense considering the miserable lives led by farmed animals. For this reason, it’s a great idea to go vegan, as you will be ensuring that you do not contribute to the abuse, neglect, and eventual slaughter that comes from the animal farming industry. Many animals also suffer greatly in order to provide food or materials such as leather and wool. By taking a stand and refusing to use these products, the demand for them will fall, and with more vegans will come less animal cruelty and death.

For the Environment

A plant-based diet is the most eco-friendly and sustainable source of nutrition available. Doing little to no damage to the environment and providing renewable energy, farming also provides valuable byproducts for use in other industries, and can create jobs for people of any culture. Regular farming creates a lot of environmental contamination and other damage.

For Your Health

The latest findings have shown evidence that a vegan diet can contribute greatly to your ability to prevent and ward off disease and even the effects of aging. Consuming a plant-based diet will exclude many types of harmful fats and cholesterol from your body, keeping your heart in better shape. Vegan meals also tend to contain more minerals and vitamins, while remaining high in fiber and lower in fat. The exclusion of animal products can truly contribute to a longer, healthier life for you, and of course, the animals!

For Your Wallet

It is really no secret that eating a vegan diet would save you loads of money on groceries. Animal products are much more expensive than plant-based foods, especially when you’re shopping organic. The farming industry is notorious for poor quality products and contamination and for this reason, any person choosing to consume meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs, or honey will need to select a top-quality product, which can be several times over the price of most vegan protein substitutes.

For Your Waistline

Your body holds onto fat and cholesterol from animal products, and it shows on your belly and thighs! Those who consume diets high in dairy and other animal products tend to consume a lot more calories and fat than vegans, leading to higher instances of obesity and heart disease. Switching to a vegan diet, you can prevent yourself from doing more damage to your body, and the sooner the better! Some think that because they have eaten animal products their entire lives that it is too late to change, but that is far from the truth. You can even take a vegan challenge in order to lose weight quickly.

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