The Up Bra: Is it Worth Your Money?


Every woman wants fuller-looking, supple, large breasts. Some go to the extreme in order to achieve this look and pay tens of thousands of dollars for risky cosmetic surgery. Others prefer to keep it simple and just wear a push-up bra under their regular clothes.

But is there a better solution somewhere between these two extremes? One proposed solution is the “UpBra”. Unlike a regular push-up bra, it possesses a unique design which claims to be able to enhance your bust in ways that regular push-up bras can’t. It mimics the look of an augmented chest through an intricate system of straps, but does not offer any permanent solutions to your small-chested woes.

Which begs the question: is the UpBra worth it? Should you really be forking over your hard-earned money for a bust enhancement device which only delivers for as long as you are wearing clothes? Or could you perhaps be spending your disposable income on something that is less risky than surgery, but still promises a permanent and improved change to your body? We’ll explore these questions and more in our thorough review of the UpBra.

What is the UpBra, Exactly?

The UpBra is like a regular push-up bra – but better. It has a very unique design which does more than just create the illusion of a larger, fuller chest. It has a strategically placed set of silicone grips to keep your breasts and the band of your bra in place. This helps prevent your chest from sliding into a more comfortable – and less busty – appearance. It also has two additional straps in the center of the bra, between the cups. You can pull these straps tight in order to push your breasts together, maximizing the visible amount of cleavage on your chest.

The Pros and Cons of the UpBra

For bust enhancement, the UpBra provides a clear, visible improvement to your chest which regular push-up bras do not. The unique set of straps in the center of the bra, coupled with the silicone grips hidden in the cups to hold your breasts in place, comes about as close to obtaining porn star quality cleavage as most women can get without actually going out and paying $5k-$10k for breast enhancement surgery.

But is it worth it? Are all those extra straps and rubber grips worth putting up with the potential physical discomfort just for a little extra cleavage? For upwards of $80, you’re basically wrapping your chest in a device which could be considered the equivalent of a “straight jacket for boobs”. And, like all bust-enhancing bras, your perky breasts and ample cleavage will disappear the minute you take it off.

If your biggest complaint about your chest is a lack of cleavage, if you have $80 to burn, and if silicone grips all over your bra aren’t particularly uncomfortable for you, then you might get some real benefit out of the UpBra. But for many women who are unhappy with the size and shape of their chest, this simply isn’t a good enough solution.

What Works Better than the UpBra?

Here are the two main problems with the UpBra (and, to be fair, all push-up bras in general):

  1. Once you remove the bra, your breasts go back to their “normal” size and shape
  2. They are physically uncomfortable to wear

Thankfully, there is a solution which eliminates both of these concerns, and it does so more cheaply than most high-end push-up bras: Perfect Curves. Perfect Curves is a natural bust-enhancement system which helps your body increase the size of your breasts, as well as their firmness and perkiness, through botanical extracts.

The science behind this supplement is fairly straightforward. During puberty, breast growth sometimes becomes stunted due to a number of factors which can repress female hormone regulation. Perfect Curves helps restore your natural hormone balance and encourages your body to develop your breasts to their full potential. It also yields firmer, perkier breasts.

You have the option of supplementing your breast growth with the pills alone, the topical gel, or both together (which will give you the most effective results). Best of all, the manufacturer offers a 90 day money back guarantee – that’s nearly three whole months to try the product and determine whether or not Perfect Curves can give you the fuller, firmer breasts you have always wanted.

If all you want to do is look better in your clothes, then a pus-up bra may be all you need to feel more confident about your appearance. But if you want a more permanent solution without painful, risky surgery, give Perfect Curves a try!