How to Get Long Eyelashes


Long lashes are sexy and flirtatious, and the envy of nearly every woman, but most are not lucky enough to have naturally full, long lashes. If you’re wondering how to get long eyelashes, you have come to the right place. The first step to hot lashes is to know what NOT to do! Do not subject your lashes to synthetic serums and lash growth products. These products promise to enhance your looks, but often lead to further loss of lashes due to chemicals and plastics. The latest products and techniques have been evaluated, and finally, there is a cost-effective solution that will provide amazing results!

Beware of Dangerous Eyelash Products!

Thin or sparse lashes can be caused by genetics, stress, poor diet, infection, and even by psychological issues, such as trichotillomania which causes a person to pull out their own eyelashes! With all the possible enemies afoot, your lashes are often left defenseless and then you make matters worse smothering them with plastic and chemical-laced drugstore plumper and mascara, glue false lashes to them, and eventually, doom your eyes to looking bare and unappealing. Some products even contain compounds like bimatoprost, which can lead to ill effects like irritation, burning, infection, even blindness and seizures! Once you realize this, and stop using those products, you can explore how to get long eyelashes. If mascara isn’t for you, you may consider drugstore or professional lash extensions to achieve the look of thick, dark lashes. These too may leave you with less eyelash density than you had to begin with.

Best Products for Long, Sexy Lashes

Firstly, look for a product with a following. Reading other user’s experienced can help you find out how to get long eyelashes for yourself. High end products that cost a fortune are also something to be careful with. Sometimes a high price tag doesn’t equate to a great product. Also, don’t waste your money on lash extensions! Costing in upwards of $200.00 a month to maintain, these false lashes are going to leave you lashless in the end. Seek a reputable product, made with natural ingredients and tested for safety. Ingredients to look for include Biotin, Panthenol, Cucumber Extract, and White Tea Leaf, among others.

Developed to deliver, one serum that stands out among the multitudes is Marvelash. Containing all the ingredients mentioned, along with Pumpkin Seed Extract and Pomegranate Extract, Marvelash is a potent dose of natural lash-enhancing compounds. Stimulating both growth and retention, Marvelash scientists kept in mind how to get long eyelashes without leaving behind harmful residues or damaging existing lashes. Applied nightly, this product can lengthen lashes up to 85%. You also don’t need to worry about irritation, allergic reactions, or animal testing, as Marvelash is intended to be the cream of the crop among eyelash enhancement products. Thicker, longer lashes, all yours and they never need to be glued or removed! Think of all the attention you will attract when you make eye contact! Try it now by ordering direct from the manufacturer, here. You could be batting your lashes and commanding attention in no time!